Handiwork: Part 2

The Reception!!!
There was a big turn out on Sunday afternoon and we all had a great time!
My brother Matthew took all these pictures, btw. 
I'm so thankful he did because the whole reception was a complete blur to me!

 Here's a view from the back corner

And here's a view from the entrance.

 The Mobile!!! It's up! 
It took 6 1/2 hours to get that sucker put together and up there so it had better stay...

 Me signing the wanted posters
People are allowed to write what the person in the mug shot is wanted for.

 Kevin's wanted for harassing Cubs fans :)

This gives it some scale. 

I was so excited about the turn out!

Favorite picture of the day!

My little cousins drew me pictures to put on my "guest book" wall.

Now it's up and I don't have to touch it for a few weeks!! Hooray!!!
Everything you see is for sale (minus my portraits and Chop Suey),
 so if you're interested, let me know!

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