March Madness

WARNING: This post is the most sparatic thing I've ever written. Proceed with caution. 

Right now I'm in the middle of Spring Break (hence the lack of posts) but for those of you who were wondering, I think I SPANKED those Praxis II tests! I won't know for sure until my scores come back in about 4 weeks, but I feel confident. I've got 1 more Art test to take and then the PLT so I've still got a ways to go. 

But lets talk about what's really important today...


Honestly, I'm not that into it... but Kevin is (REALLY is) so he made me fill out a bracket last night.
I'm 2 for 2 right now so we'll see how it goes. 

Oh, and it's St. Patty's Day! I'm not wearing green, but I think I should get a pass since I look like a leprechaun on a daily basis.

Also, I'm LOVING today. 70 degrees, windows open, and HGTV on. Just glorious.
 I can't help but thank the Lord for days like these. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!!!!!

P.S. Please keep praying for Japan. We may feel like we
can't do anything to help the situation, but God always can. 

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