Interview for Handiwork

My friend and fellow ChiO, Addie, wanted to interview me for an art documentary for one of her classes and of course I accepted. Any press is good press! She came by while we were setting up the show and helped out and also took pictures during the process. We sat down the other night so she could interview me and here's her finished work! She did such an amazing job! I'm totally in love with it! :)

Check out her blog and the video HERE!


  1. Love the interview! I'm jealous of all the time she got to spend with you while you were setting everything up. I would have loved to taken photos during that time.

    Anyway...great message, Paige. You truly embody what it means to use your talent for the glory of God.

  2. Paige! I love this video, I love what you said, and I REALLY love you! You are truly inspiring. :)