Back and with GREAT news!

Hey y'all! We made it back from Branson this afternoon and we had a great time! I'll be back in class tomorrow sadly enough, but at least waking up for it is the hardest part.

Tonight I got a surprising call from my friend Katelyn. She and I've know each other since we were really little and have experienced so many transitions together. From awkward preteens to giddy junior high girls, from high school graduates into college freshman. This April I was honored to be her bridesmaid when she married her high school sweetheart, Matt and seeing her transition from girlfriend to fiancé to bride was beyond wonderful! And tonight when she called me to tell me she's expecting, I couldn't be happier!!! This is the first of any of my friends to get married, let alone to have a BABY! I'm just so excited! It's strange to think about people my age getting married and starting families. Extremely strange, but exciting!

Katelyn on her wedding day

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