My serious relationship with...

... Plaid.

Yep, Plaid.

It's a down-right obsession. Plaid and I go way back. I think this serious relationship started around the age of 11 when I got a white and blue plaid duvet for my birthday (or christmas?). The relationship stayed pretty hot and heavy until around my junior high years when argyle came into the picture. Argyle and I had a fling there for a little while, but plaid still had a place in my heart. And when polka-dots came into the picture, it was a difficult fight. But of course, plaid always wins out.

So in June, I was roaming around Hancock fabric with Meg and Melissa and I saw all this red and black plaid fleece. So, naturally, I went a little nuts and bought a good chuck, not knowing what I would do with it. Meg bought some too and we'd decided to make those knot blankets, but I thought that the knots might be a bit annoying if I wanted to use it as a blanket for my bed at school. So this afternoon I sewed it all up (including the gray fleece I bought that day) and now I have a cute, plaid, winter blanket! I really love it! My inner lumberjack is very pleased! Aaaand I got to check it off my Summer Goals to-do list!!! (I get a real kick out of checking things off sadly enough.)

Here are some pics of my new addition to the plaid family!

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