Now that I'm doing this whole "post everyday" bit, there are some tidbits you need to know about me. Not only am I obsessed with design, color, weddings, oil paint, faces, and ceramics, I also have this ridiculous obsession with kittens. Yes. Kittens. Preferably black ones. I'm pathetic when it comes to kittens on tv, movies, pictures, and especially youtube clips. I don't react in the normal, "Oh, that's cute." No, I'm the person yelling "Oh My Word!!! LOOK AT THAT KITTEN!!!! Isn't it the cutest thing ever?!?!?!" (all in a high pitched little girl voice)... and then proceed to beg my parents for one. Regretfully, the answer is always no. I do try to limit my kitten obsession to the minimum. I don't have any kitten posters (anymore) and I don't buy kitten calendars. No more kitten folders or desktop pictures. However, when I need a pick-me-up, youtube always comes through for me.

So for your viewing pleasure... Kittens.

(Don't judge.)

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