Happy One Year Anniversary!... 8 days late...

I just now remembered that I missed my blog's one year anniversary. It was July 6th... How awful is that?! Thanks to all you readers and those who have commented along the way! And as a gift to you all (or at least those who love art as much as I do), I wanted to share with you an artist I stumbled upon today. His name is James Grashow and he makes massive installations out of cardboard. Yeah, you heard me right, cardboard. All of his pieces are amazing, but I was just dumbfounded when I saw this one. It's a cardboard version of Bernini's Fountain of Four Rivers in Rome!!! So stinkin' fantastic!!! And it doesn't hurt that Bernini is my all-time favorite sculptor. Check out James' other works on his site HERE.


  1. Dude. I love Bernini. I stumbled upon a book with all his work and flipped out. My little sis and her friend were there and I went off on this Dr. Choate-esque teaching rant about how he's so awesome. They just kind of stared back and said something like, "I haven't heard of him." "I only know Michelangelo."

    I shook my head in shame. Art in schools has failed our youth.

  2. Wow. That's a total shame. I about drooled my socks off when I saw his David in Rome. Soooo much better than Michelangelo's.