Travelin' Light

The family and I are head to Branson, Missouri this weekend to just get away for a little bit. I like how the Europeans call it "going on holiday" rather than "a vacation". Sounds a lot more sophisticated. One thing that is always an awful issue with me is packing light. I know my essentials, but I always think, "Well, maybe I want to take this, or this, or that too. You know, just in case." So I end up taking too many things and never even pull out some items from my suitcase. I'm sure we all suffer the same packing anxiety :) So this weekend my goal is to pack pretty light. A website I found that is great for narrowing down my packing list is this site called One Bag. It's got great tips on what to take and ways to pack that makes it easier to just have one bag when traveling. The packing list is more aimed for a longer stay than just one weekend, but it's still a great list. (Wow. I just read what I wrote and it sounds like an advertisement, but I assure you, it's not!) So for those of you who are going to do some traveling soon *ahem, ANGELA, ahem*, check out this site!

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